Here’s part of the original drawing for the one #tattoo I have. Probably the source of ALL MY TROUBLE IN THIS UNIVERSE.

I don’t understand the attitudes towards different types of multiples, I’m including the written word in this. Some are obvious, I mean some materials are literally garbage, or better described as garbage with less redeeming environmental qualities. But with most things there is a “composing of”[!]. Often a very intricate and involved composing of. Often the “composing of” state is very unknown to those who have a different composing focus, or if they aren’t composers at all. If a writer was expected to rewrite what she originally wrote over and over for each reader, I mean… at the very least she would be very tired[!]. [That’s what happened to me when I was sewing all the things that I used to sew for SWANclothing.] When something isn’t information and it is physical and destructive to the environment, that isn’t great, but we can’t just be information and light. Though almost.

Anyway, you choose with care, these physical things.  

My parents wedding. My father Bob the 23 year old 6’5” 12 year old. And my tiny cute 21 year old mom. And, a priest willing her with his mind to sign on the dotted line. My grandmother said my father took so much Valium he passed out behind the altar. My mother denies this. Though by the look on his face some Valium was involved. He also looks like he is crying, I think that is just a mark on the photo.